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   Life can be Wonderful!

 Take another step in your dance toward growth and healing

Life is sometimes a difficult dance. 

Do you have concerns about the following?

Aging, Anger Management, Anxiety, Appearance-Driven Self-Loathing

Chronic Illness

Daughter Issues, Death Of A Child, Death Of A Spouse, Dependent Adult Child

Depression, Divorce

Female-Specific Medical Conditions, Financial Crisis

Guilt, Grandparenting, Loneliness, Low Self-Esteem/Lack of Assertiveness

Medical Condition, Menopause And Perimenopause

Mental Illness In The Family, Mental Illness of Present or Former Partner

Parent-Adult Child Conflict, Partner Relationship Problems, Perfectionism

Prayer Struggles, Religion/Spirituality Differences

Sexual Abuse (Childhood), Sexual Assault And Rape

Stage Of Life Frustration/Confusion/Transition


I integrate conventional, additional, and new evidence-based methods to increase your well-being & life satisfaction.

Welcome to hope and healing
I'm glad you're here. 
I've dedicated my life to serving those who desire to address their psychological, social, biological, and spiritual needs. 

My education includes a double BA in Business and Communications and a double MA in Clinical Mental Health and Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University. For decades, I've counseled in various capacities with best practices to heal specific needs. I’m in touch with the issues facing individuals and families in today’s culture. I have in-depth knowledge and experience with some of life’s most challenging issues.

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In Addition to my Education & Experience, my  Certifications include:

Nationally Certified Counselor (2021)

ADHD Testing & Clinical Service (2023)

EMDR (2021)

EMDR for Complex Trauma (2023)

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (2014)

Brainspotting (2021)

Therapeutic Nutrition for Mental Health (2023)

Overeating Addiction (2023)

Integrative Nutrition for PTSD & Complex Trauma (2023)

Experienced Therapist

If you’re looking for healing and empowerment for a new life direction, contact me to have a rich and rewarding counseling experience at my office or virtually.

In person Counseling & Therapies


Psychotherapy helps people understand themselves and others, and how to navigate life's difficulties. It's a deep dive into awareness, problematic behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and compulsions, to improve functionality, relationships, and social skills. 



Our identities grow out of a sense of reference points in social expectations and relationships. How we manage relationships activates our well-being. In counseling, we'll identify how this plays out over your lifespan and how you can grow in your ability to create connections, and establish & maintain significant romantic relationships.

EMDR Light Bar Therapy

EMDR & Brainspotting

Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR)is an eye-movement therapy for mental health conditions occurring due to memories from past traumatic events. It treats trauma of any kind like PTSD, abuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences, accidents, the shock of illness, etc.

Brainspotting is used for the same purpose of neutralizing negative emotions and activating emotional regulation.

Integrative Nutritional Therapies for Mental Health
Three generations of women
Reading Bible_edited_edited.png

Nutritional Therapies for Mental Health

Women's Life Transitions

Pastoral/Christian Counseling

This integrates psychotherapy with

strategies to address the microbiome (Gut health), Mind-Body Techniques, sleep problems, mood-boosting exercise strategies that WORK, recognizing

nutritional deficiencies, key nutrients for pain control, mood, attention and

cognition, hormone issues, and diet-based relapse prevention strategies.

As women, we go through many transitions in education, relationships, motherhood & caregiving, in our careers, as homeowners, as empty nesters, retirees, in medical needs, menopause, widowhood, and more. Every new decade delivers a life passage with different needs & desires. Life Transitions Counseling helps you define your purpose with self-exploration, growth, resources & a plan for intentional living.

You matter to God

Many women of faith choose a counselor with the same worldview. You can choose to integrate Bibical principle into your counseling for a pastoral counseling method or integrate research-based psychological treatments with a Biblical world view.

Put Your Life into Focus
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Experienced Therapist

In person

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Hope & Healing
The Women's Counselor
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